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With fewer seizures, families finally have the ability to live more in the moment. Discover the stories of real people who take EPIDIOLEX.
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The Care Giver series

Join actor Greg Grunberg as he travels around the country, sharing the stories of caregivers of families living with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), Dravet syndrome, and tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), and giving them a much-needed day of care. Greg is not only an actor, but he’s also a father of 3 sons—one of whom has epilepsy. So he understands what it means to give your all to a loved one. The Care Giver is a series full of incredible stories of caregivers from diagnosis to starting on EPIDIOLEX that will provide you strength and hope in knowing you’re not alone on this journey.

  • Episode 1: An Epic Day for an Epic Dad

    Jon, an LGS caregiver

    Episode 1: An Epic Day for an Epic Dad

    In this episode, we meet Jon, father to Quinn and Cameron, who is 17 years old and living with LGS. Jon’s wife, Jenn, tells us why Jon is so deserving of a day of care. Next thing they know, Greg knocks on their door and sits down with Jon to talk family, cars, and the unique experience of parenting a child with epilepsy.

  • Episode 2: Driving to Diagnosis

    Episode 2: Driving to Diagnosis

    Jon and Greg venture out for a dads’ day of care—wait until you see the look on Jon’s face when he sees where they go. They explore the location, then sit down to talk. Jon opens up about Cameron’s diagnosis story, the challenges of living with seizures, and what led them to consider EPIDIOLEX.

  • Episode 3: The Winding Road to Treatment

    Episode 3: The Winding Road to Treatment

    Jon and Greg return from their outing and talk about how Cameron is doing today after being on EPIDIOLEX for a few years. They connect on the importance of “special time” for siblings, and, with reduced seizures, celebrating victories like learning to read, developing friendships, and more.

  • Episode 4: Highway to Hope

    Episode 4: Highway to Hope

    In the final episode of Jon’s story, we meet Cameron, Quinn, and Jenn as Greg steps into a new role: that of grill master. Greg cooks up some fun with Cam and crew while Jon reflects on the way EPIDIOLEX has shaped his outlook for his family’s future.

  • Episode 1: Big Plans for a Plant Mom

    Gloria, a Dravet syndrome caregiver

    Episode 1: Big Plans for a Plant Mom

    In this episode, we head to Texas to meet Gloria, mother to Grace, who is 9 years old and living with Dravet syndrome. Gloria introduces us to her husband, Ascension, and their older daughter, Maddy. In this tight-knit family, everybody works together to support Grace. Follow Gloria and Greg as they talk about their respective families and what it means to care for someone with a rare epilepsy disorder. Gloria knows caregivers need support, and today, Greg is here to give her a day of care.

  • Episode 2: The Healing Garden

    Episode 2: The Healing Garden

    Gloria’s day of care is just beginning to blossom as Greg and Gloria take a trip to a beautiful garden to enjoy a little peace with nature. Greg lends an ear as Gloria shares the challenges and self-doubt she experienced while advocating for Grace, such as the process of finding the right doctor for her family.

  • Episode 3: A Toast to Hope

    Episode 3: A Toast to Hope

    Greg surprises Gloria with an afternoon tea in the garden. Over finger sandwiches and small cakes, Gloria shares more about Grace, who Gloria says is her biggest teacher. Before they head out, Gloria talks about how important a positive mindset is when starting a new treatment, and how a little bit of hope and brightness can go a long way.

  • Episode 4: A Flourishing Family

    Episode 4: A Flourishing Family

    Gloria and Greg return to find Maddy and Ascension waiting for them in their home garden. Gloria opens up about Grace’s progress on EPIDIOLEX and talks about achievements in her development, like kicking a soccer ball across the room. Gloria’s day of care has helped her realize the importance of taking care of herself in order to take care of her family.

  • Episode 1: Portrait of a Caregiver

    Leslie, a TSC caregiver

    Episode 1: Portrait of a Caregiver

    Greg takes a trip to the Pacific Northwest to meet Leslie and her family, including her daughter, Kelley, who is living with TSC. Like many caregivers, Leslie struggles to prioritize her own self care, but Greg is here to help! Listen and learn as Greg and Leslie talk about rare epilepsy, caregiving, and how discussions like this can help others become more comfortable with special needs.

  • Episode 2: The Art of Diagnosis

    Episode 2: The Art of Diagnosis

    In this episode, Leslie indulges in her creative side for her day of care with some art therapy. While drawing, they take the time to have a deeper conversation about Kelley and her journey to diagnosis. Though the diagnosis was overwhelming at first, Leslie and her husband learned to manage in the moment instead of going down that slippery slope of “what if?” She and Greg agree, as long as you do what works for you, there is no right way to be a caregiver.

  • Episode 3: The Colors of Hope

    Episode 3: The Colors of Hope

    Leslie and Greg have moved onto their second art therapy activity: painting their hopes and dreams. Leslie reflects on the big changes for Kelley since she started EPIDIOLEX, like moving into an adult home. Together, Greg and Leslie paint their hopes and dreams—and for Leslie, that takes the form of a sunrise.

  • Episode 4: A Big Slice of Support

    Episode 4: A Big Slice of Support

    Leslie’s day of care ends with some delicious homemade pizza for the whole family. Leslie gives Greg a piece of advice for new caregivers: they can’t let their fears prevent them from trying a different medication. As Greg says goodbye, Leslie thinks back on the day, and realizes how important it is for caregivers to stop and take care of themselves, too.

Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS)

Dravet syndrome

Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC)