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EPIDIOLEX significantly reduced seizures in people living with LGS, Dravet syndrome, or TSC for whom multiple previous antiseizure medicines did not work well.


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video play icon Greg Grunberg hosts The Care Giver series from diagnosis to starting on EPIDIOLEX cannabidiol

A series about navigating the complexities of living with epilepsy

Greg Grunberg hosts The Care Giver

Join Greg, actor and advocate for his son living with epilepsy, as he travels across the country to help tell the stories of caregivers of families living with rare forms of epilpesy. The caregivers get an unforgettable day of care and Greg gets to learn about their challenges and hopes along the way. The Care Giver series is full of incredible stories of caregivers from diagnosis to starting on EPIDIOLEX that will provide you strength and hope in knowing you're not alone on this journey.